The underlying concept of Tantra is a science of consciousness, which uses special ideas, exercises and techniques. It is not simply a life philosophy. The two main schools of Tantra are the Hindu (India) and the Buddhist (Tibet). The origins of Buddhist Tantra date back to Gautama Buddha. Buddha gave humanity meditation and meditation is striving toward higher consciousness. With that it is clear what it is also about in Tantra: consciousness – life in this moment, in being. To put it simply: Tantra is meditation by using all of the senses.

Tantrics have discovered that spirituality and sexuality are two sides of the same coin. That means, experiencing the divine is also possible through sex and love, as well as meditation. The Hindu Vamacara Tantra, as well as the Tantric form of Tibeten Buddhism also use sexuality – symbolized by the god Shiva und Devi/Shakiti. Sexual ecstasy and love are direct paths to the divine and open for most people to experience without committing to a special spiritual means.

Tantra says; be free and natural, let yourself flow like a river, be alert and spontaneous. Don’t fight with yourself, don’t force yourself into molds, into an armor of morals and dogmas. Don’t discipline yourself or the discipline will bind you. Live from moment to moment and enjoy life with all the senses, because Tantra is limitless freedom. So it is.

Tantra in Berlin and Germany

Berlin has more Tantra Massage Studios and Tantra Institutes than any other city. On a global stage Germany has become a hot spot for the Neo Tantra and there is a wide spectrum of providers. Tantra Massages (a Neo-Tantra creation) have become very popular and are also used in the red light milieu as a lucrative advertising tactic. What is actually offered, however, has nothing to do with Tantra.

When it comes to seminars and workshops one must choose carefully. Across Germany (and other countries too) there is a broad spectrum of seminar providers, in the last years the numbers have increased drastically, all with different approaches and philosophies. Among these are renowned institutes with great experience, professional conduct and a high-quality service. There are, however, others who after attending a few seminars believe they are ready to teach entire groups. We don’t want to unfairly criticize, but sometimes this is a recipe for disaster. Do your research before registering for a seminar and go with your instincts.

Our Approach

The majority of Tantra Institutes take a therapeutic approach. We enjoy going our own direction: energy instead of therapy! This is often very freeing, free from heaviness and deeply-seated psychology. In addition, the majority of people have an enormous deficit when it comes to loving touch – that’s why the interest in seminars is so great, which thematize massage exchange or the learning of massage. We have responded to this impulse and have to some degree specialized in events with the focal point touch. The body is the basis of everything- it is our house and our temple in which we are invited to perceive everything with our senses.

That is the reason it is important to bring our basic needs into harmony. Some people take a spiritual path and neglect thereby their roots. That is like if when building a house one were to start with the roof without first building a fundament. Even in our more practical seminars, where a massage ritual is taught, it goes much further, into many basic Tantric exercises and meditation. Over the years we have developed an interesting yearly program, which is really for everybody who is looking for a deep and grounding experience.

Tantra Massages

The Tantra Massage is a touch-/worship-and massage ritual which is brought to a level of unique work of art. The massage ritual combines different sciences like Taoism, Tantra, Sexual Bodywork and Sexual Therapy. Attention and respect, giving and receiving, worship and acceptance, being fully present in the here and now – the Tantra Massage mirrors the essence of Tantra in every facet. It goes without saying that a high-quality and solid training is required to offer this massage professionally.

Eessential elements of the Tantra Massages are the Lingam Massage and Yoni Massage, respectively (the male and female genitalia). According to Taoistic philosophy the Jade Member or Lingam (similar to the feet and ears) possesses reflex points, which when stimulated have an effect on the corresponding organs. This is not only sensual, but healing as well. The same principle applies to the female equivalent, the Yoni Massage.

Tantra Seminars, Courses and Workshops

Our Tantra Seminars and Tantra Courses are days for the senses, they open doors that will enable insight into a world of regardfulness and love.

Our seminars address different themes, for you looking for touch, humanity and warmth, or if you are looking for a special training, or both.

In our Tantra Workshops through many exercises we get to know and appreciate our bodies in depth. In a safe space we can begin to heal injuries of the soul as well as meet people with full regardfulness and respect. Sensuality as well as meditation are basic elements of our tantric events.

Tantra and Neo-Tantra

Tantra in it´s traditional concept is a science of consciousness which uses special ideas, techniques and exercises. Tantra is not simply a philosophy! The basic exercises of most tantric lines are Yoga (Asanas), Mantra, Yantra and Mandala. The mental part is the Mantra, the Yantra controls the energy. This energy is known as Shakti – our life energy and driving force. Shakti as energy and Shiva as consciousness are the basics of Tantra.

Neo-Tantra. That´s a concept devised by OSHO (a well-known Indian mystic). He wanted to create a Tantra for the modern person: a non- ritualized, spontaneous Tantra. This new concept is more approachable for the modern spirit, which tends to shy away from asceticism, discipline and rituals. Neo-Tantra could be called an update, it is interwoven with modern science and psychology.

In our institute we try to connect tradition with the modern spirit – a middle path which can be practiced by most people. For us the tantric way is also a sexual way! We are convinced that the current unnatural sexuality is a big problem of our time – as well as the cause of many psychic ailments. More Info »