Female Orgasm

The 3 Types of Female Orgasm

Until very recently it was believed that a woman could only experience orgasm through the clitoris. The sexual researchers Irving and Josephine Singer determined that a woman could actually experience three types of orgasm – two of these not occurring through stimulation of the clitoris.

The three types don’t exclude each other and can be experienced one after another according to situation and stimulation.

For most women the combination of the three types is the deepest experience.

The Uterine Orgasm

Is deeply satisfying and often accompanied by intense emotion. It only occurs when an object – a penis, dildo, finger, etc. comes into contact with the cervix. Strong, deep and convulsing thrusts cause the uterus to shake and stimulate the delicate membrane that protects the organs of the pelvis and stomach.

This type of orgasm does not cause rhythmic contraction of the PC muscle. Shortly before the climax the breath is held for 20 to 30 seconds (the Apnea Reflex).

The Clitoral (or Vulvic) Orgasm

It is characterized by a rhythmic contraction of the PC muscles and by a sharp intense ascent and then decline. It is often accompanied with a sense of incomplete satisfaction and can be reached without penetration. The clitoral orgasm is normally accompanied by heavy panting and breathing.

The Combination or G-Spot Orgasm

Occurs through stimulation of both the clitoris and the cervix and shows characteristics of both. A rhythmic contraction of the PC muscles does occur, as in the clitoral orgasm, and also leads to the deep emotionl satisfaction of the uterine orgasm. The Apnea Reflex is shorter, but occurs more frequently.

During this type of orgasm the uterine mouth bends downward. It also leads to a deep relaxation of the vaginal muscles and muscles of the cervix. This combination orgasm was earlier known as the Vaginal Orgasm.

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