The Tantric Space

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24th – 26th of November 2017
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This workshop joins seamlessly with our seminar series “The Magic Of Touch” and “The Tantric Fire”. We were able to integrate many and interesting exercises that found no place structurally or lack of time in the other events. And of course we have also incorporated some short massage sequences.

Touch and encounter with awareness and respect, group exercises, energy work and meditation – a multifaceted and exciting event. Let yourself be surprised. This seminar also has a lot of depth combined with playful elements that are so typical of our work. Energy instead of  therapy!

The underlying concept of Tantra is a science of consciousness, which uses special ideas, exercises and techniques. But when we talk about techniques, then we have to relativize. A technique is required to bring you on the way. Sometime comes a point where the technology dissolves. This is the beginning of Tantra.

The origins of Buddhist Tantra date back to Gautama Buddha. Buddha gave humanity meditation and meditation is striving toward higher consciousness. With that it is clear what it is also about in Tantra: consciousness – life in this moment, in being. To put it simply: Tantra is meditation and meditation is Tantra.

All exercises that we practice in our seminars have one goal: to put you into a state of consciousness, the so-being. The Tantric Space.

Seminar fees: 350 / 390 Euro inclusive catering (vegetarian food)

Friday check in 12 am -1 pm, program 1 pm – 7 pm
Saturday 10 am – 7 pm
Sunday 10 am – 7 pm