Tantra Massage

Tantra or tantric Massages are sensual and erotic massage rituals which are brought to a level of unique work of art. The massage ritual combines different sciences like Taoism, Tantra, Sexual Bodywork and Sexual Therapy. Attention and respect, giving and receiving, worship and acceptance, being fully present in the here and now – the Tantra Massage mirrors the essence of Tantra in every facet.

Eessential elements of Tantra Massage are Lingam and Yoni Massage. According to Taoistic philosophy Lingam and Yoni (similar to the feet and ears) possesses reflex points, which when stimulated have an effect on the corresponding organs. This is not only sensual, but healing as well. Meanwhile the Yoni Massage is admitted by modern Sexual Therapy.


The underlying concept of Tantra is a science of consciousness, which uses special ideas, exercises and techniques. It is not simply a life philosophy. But when we talk about techniques, then we have to relativize. A technique is required to bring you on the way. Sometime comes a point where the technology dissolves. This is the beginning of Tantra.

The two main schools of Tantra are the Hindu (India) and the Buddhist (Tibet). The origins of Buddhist Tantra date back to Gautama Buddha. Buddha gave humanity meditation and meditation is striving toward higher consciousness. With that it is clear what it is also about in Tantra: consciousness – life in this moment, in being. To put it simply: Tantra is meditation and meditation is Tantra. More about Tantra.

Tantra Seminars, Courses, Trainings and Workshops

Our Tantra Seminars and Tantra Courses are days for the senses, they open doors that will enable insight into a world of regardfulness and love. Our seminars address different themes, for you looking for touch, humanity and warmth, or if you are looking for a special training, or both. In our Workshops through many exercises we get to know and appreciate our bodies in depth. In a safe space we can begin to heal injuries of the soul as well as meet people with full regardfulness and respect. Sensuality as well as meditation are basic elements of our tantric events.

Tantra and Neo-Tantra

Neo-Tantra is a concept devised by OSHO (Baghwan Shree Rajneesh, a wellkonown Indian mystic). He wanted to create a Tantra for the modern person: a non- ritualized, spontaneous Tantra. This new concept is more approachable for the modern spirit, which tends to shy away from asceticism, discipline and rituals. The Neo-Tantra could be called an update, it´s interwoven with modern science and psychology.

Our Approach.

The majority of Tantra Institutes take a therapeutic approach. We enjoy going our own direction: energy instead of therapy! This is often very freeing, free from heaviness and deeply-seated psychology.