Chakra Puja – the circle of honor and transformation

The Chakra Puja Circle is an additonal ritual with a long traditon in the left-handed branch of tantra which, together with The Panca Tattva Rite with Maithuna, celebrates sexual union.

In comparison to the primitivsm of the pornographc sex practices of our society-how they occur in religious- fundamentalst cultures-the tantric rituals become an unending celebration and honoring, an almost sacred action.

Here it is not about satisfying a drive or bodily urge, but it’s control. Sexualty is used as a means to experience our highest spiritual-sensory potential.

When the lust, present in sex, is exercised by an experienced and disciplined spirit, it becomes more and more intense until it develops into an otherwordly feeling of happiness. It leaves the body and enters the spiritual realm. It becomes no longer something that one does, but something that one is.

It is a way to move from I to we: In the beginning there was one. Then there were two. And the two were many. And the many became one„.

Tantra is not a solitary practice. Tantra points the way, but one cannot make the journey alone. Just as the sexual drive of human beings was not created to make lustvoll masturbation possible, it is also not the goal of tantra to bring the indivdual to the easiest method of sexual satisfaction.

The rituals were conciously created to allow the complete spectrum of sexual lust to be experienced, to increase the control one has over it, and to focus the senses completely on the sexual union. It should lead step by step to the point at which the sexual union leads to an intensity of lust and power that is far superior to what one experiences during a normal sexual pairing.

In tantric rituals the sexual drive is acknowledged and celebrated-not denied. We recognize that this drive is a fundamental source of power that can bring us creative energy.

This drive is the basis for an even greater power: to become one wth other people through a collective wonder and joy, happiness and love. This is also the power which connects us to the entire universe!

Through the pair ritual we reach the next stage of our journey. As a pair we become more than two individuals. A lust which superceeds the energy of one man and one woman, to complement the other, increases not only numerically but in geometric proportions. The power of all the individual participants streams together and creates the one.