Tantra. The Connecting Link for Modern People.

The modern spirit is completely different as in other times and other cultures. It is practical, fast, and aggressive. It is faced with a compulsion towards spirituality and religion. It is looking for ideals and fundamentals, i.e., Judaism, Christianity, Islam, but can’t practice these because they don’t correspond to it’s lifestyle.

People need a possibility, that is in harmony with their surroundings. The modern consciousness is Tantric, it is completely disparate to puritanical or ascetic thinking. It likes comfort, flowers, loud music, parties, meat, alcohol and sex. Many people develop mental problems when they don’t receive these things. Since the majority of spiritual systems condemn everything physical, they must end in a dead end. When thoughts, feelings and longings are repressed, then the spiritual development is also stymied. This leads to feelings of guilt, and this is a major obstacle to living a spiritual life.

Tantra doesn’t dictate what you may and may not do. Tantra doesn’t dictate how you should live your life. Tantra doesn’t forbid you living a comfortable life. Why would it? Technical progress has it’s benefits and can make our lives more pleasant and simpler. Tantra say only:  “ Be conscious in everything you do. Be aware that material things cannot make you happier permanently.”

Paul has a new job and works as an insurance salesman for a big insurance company. He is successful and earns lots of money.  He buys himself a new car, a car that mirrors his success and status. He decides on a Porsche. He proudly shows it off to his colleagues who pat him on the back. Even the neighbor who had previously treated him with disdain comes out now to make small talk. At the traffic lights the young women acknowledge him and he is always smiling. Finally he has attained his goal…he enjoys the attention and acknowledgement that he has always wanted but never had.

Six months later. Everything has returned to “normal”. There is almost nobody left in his circle, that hasn’t already seen his Porsche. Now he has come back down to earth, and is exactly where he was before. He has put all his eggs in one basket, in the acknowledgement of others. Now he has a problem. He wants to have this rush of happiness again. What should he do now?  Buy a new car? One that is sportier, faster, more expensive? Or build a house? Will a sauna in the basement be enough or should he build a swimming pool also? He has fallen into a trap – and is fully aware of this.

Björn is a prime example of how the modern person ticks. We can add to the list, endlessly, also with celebrities like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Robin Williams. They were all on top, icons of their time. The majority had fortunes, but also psychological problems and depression. In looking at Whitney Houston we recognize the drama and tragedy of her human condition. She reached a level of phenomenal success for a singer, but she was “only” playing a roll, one which she never broke out of and which ultimately destroyed her. She then lost herself in alcohol, pills, and drugs like so many in her position. There were rumours that she had committed suicide because she recognized and was resigned to the futility of her situation. What kind of goal can someone have that is already on the top? Nothing more can come – except the crash.

When something occurs with an entertainer, like in the example above, this has no far-reaching meaning, except for people in their circle or their fans, who mourn. The situation is different when we look at people who exercise a certain amount of power. Money and power are only substitutes for a lack of happiness. With “People in Power” money plays the main role, it is only about extending influence and power.

To further represent this point we can take the example of Alexander the Great , who broke out with the goal of revenge for the attack of the Persians on Greece. After he defeated the Persian king Dareios, he set himself a new goal. He now wanted to surpass the fame of his hero, Achilles. He spent his life on the battlefield until he had conquered half the world. As soon as he had conquered one kingdom he moved on to the next…onward, always onward…neither before or since has one man ruled such a vast kingdom as he did.

After ten years of war and conquest he sought refuge in alcohol binges, until the point he was a human wreck. During one of these binges he stabbed his closest friend and confidant because he threatened to leave him if he didn’t cease his endless battle waging. He was worn out and his friends, exhausted from the carnage, merely wanted to return home. At the age of 33 he died as a result of his alcohol abuse in Babylon. Fame and acknowledgement he had attained – the price for this was paid by 50,000 dead, paving the way to his power. He entered the world with empty hands, and he left it the same way…

Tantra says: “You must raise the base level of your satisfaction and happiness, and this can only be achieved, when you look inwards.”

As long as your happiness is dependent on the acknowledgement of others, you are sitting in a trap. You can enjoy riches and material things, but be aware they are not a permanent solution. If you are truly conscious of this, then buy yourself that Porsche….