Beautiful rooms, filled with light and warmth …

When our first rooms at the Kaiserdamm (2005 – 2007) became too small, we spent a long time looking for an object to our liking. In retrospect, however, we have the feeling that this object has found us more, because it came out of nowhere, so to speak, to us. With great effort (financially too) and a lot of attention to detail, we have created a place where we feel completely safe.

A highlight is the atrium. When it’s dark outside and the lights are on, you feel like you are in the golden light. This special atmosphere enchants everyone! We have three massage rooms and a nice seminar room, which provides an ideal setting for our events. A large sun terrace with many green plants completes the whole thing and is a small oasis in the middle of the city.

Although the object is located between two main traffic arteries, it is very quiet. We are in the third courtyard (attic storey) of an old building complex, isolated from street noise and far away from the city bustle.