Maithuna – The Ritual of Bodily Union.

Maithuna is the most well-known of all tantric rituals – it is practiced by the Dakshinakara tantric line (right-handed path) as well as by the followers of the Vamacara tantra (left-handed path). In our celebration we will celebrate Chakra Puja – the tantric circle of worship.

Maithuna Ritual

Historical: over a long time period, often a whole year long, participants would be tested by a Guru, before they were initiated into the group. In this process not only the physical, but above all the spiritual aptitude (maturity) would be tested.

The goal of the Chakra Puja is the broadening of the conciousness through five catagories which represent objects of human desire: the five tattvas:

madya = wine; mamsa = meat; mudra = roasted grain; matsya = fish; maithuna = bodily union.

Our focus will be the Maithuna ritual. In the Hindu tradition the tattvas are viewed as bodily desires, and categorized as obstacles to achieving enlightenment. That is why they are forbidden – this is in keeping with the other big religions which damn everything of the body and the senses. The right-handed tantra keeps to the religious commandments of the Hindus taking on a spiritual composition – surrogates are used, while in the lefthanded they see them all as steps on the ladder to completeness.

The tattvas are – in addition to the literal meaning are primarily expressions of a ypgic process. Wine is the symbol of intoxicating realization, meat stand for the control of speech, fish represents the two vital streams right and left of the ethereal canal, grain symbolizese the yoga condition of concentration and Maithuna meditating on the primeveal act of creation.

The tantric Asanas are a method of using all of our human senses and primeval power. In this way the material sexual energy of man and woman can through a complete integration of opposite polarities be transformed into an extroidinary power.

The old tantrics say that through a transformation of this energy (the part of the material sexuality) creative energy can be freed, that can rise to a spiritual level – the level of the trancendental union. They have used this power of the sexuality, to in this way attain unlimited perception of the original state of unity and reach back for a higher conciousness. The tantrics were the first to recognize the spiritual possibilies of sexuality.

The sexual position of the tantrics is without conditions, free from moralizing, neither self-indulgent or ascetic. The ritual itself is based on the technical possibilities, on using sexuality as an instrument (Yantra) to transformation.