Tantra Massage, a sensual ritual

Sequences of our tantric massages

An authentic Tantra Massage is a high quality product. It is a sensual-erotic massage ritual that has been interwoven into a real work of art. Due to the holistic approach of the massage, the genitals are naturally included.

Our Tantra Massage has a very ingenious construct. The ritual combines different sciences such as Tantra, Taoism and Sexual Bodywork. Although it is clearly structured in detail, every massage is unique. Meditative passages alternate with dynamic sequences.

The basis and orientation of the ritual is the worship and acceptance of man as a holistic being, while the genitals are naturally involved and spoiled extensively. The harmonization of the body, the alignment of the energy pathways and the balance of Yin and Yang (roughly speaking, the male and female energy partitions in the body) are the central aspects. For a long time afterwards you will feel wonderfully vitalized.

Lingam and Yoni Massage

Sequences of our Lingam and Yoni massages

As Lingam and Yoni in Tantra the male and female genitals are called. Due to the holistic approach of the massage, the pleasure zones are completely naturally included. Both massages originally came from Taoism and are more like healing massages. The Tantrics, however, go deeper into the lust. An orgasm may not be the goal from the beginning, but it is always welcome. More about Orgasm and Big Draw you will find on the page Lingam massage.

According to Taoist philosophy, the lingam (similar to feet or ears) has reflex points that affect the corresponding organs through skillful stimulation. The Lingam Massage has not only pleasurable, but also a healing effect on body and soul. The same applies to the female counterpart, the Yoni Massage. The Yoni Massage worships the power and beauty of the woman – it is the consummate caress of Venus pearl, Venus lips, pelvic floor and G-spot. Interesting information about female orgasm and G-spot can be found on the page Yoni massage.

Massages and fees

Single Massages (Sessions*)
Classic 2,0 h = 210 €
Classic 2,5 h = 250 €
Intensive 3,0 h = 290 €
Intensive 3,5 h = 360 €
Intensive 4,0 h = 460 €
4-Hand and Couple Massages (Sessions*)
Classic 2,0 h = 390 €
Classic 2,5 h = 470 €
Intensive 3,0 h = 550 €
Intensive 3,5 h = 710 €
Intensive 4,0 h = 890 €

Please note that you must pay cash – we don´t accept 500 € banknotes!

*Classic Session = with genital massage
*Intensiv Session = with extended Lingam or Yoni Massage

Session = total stay inclusive preliminary talk and showering. The massage time is thirty minutes shorter. Upon request, a prostate or anal massage can be incorporated (Intensive Session).

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Our couple massage is designed for people who have a close connection to each other, who at the same time would like to take part in a sensual journey of exploration as individuals. We perfom the massages in separate rooms because the experience will be much deeper. Couple Massages in one room are often focussed by observing the partner – that´s not a good foundation for deep experiences. Often it has the atmosphere of a swingers club and we don´t like that!

You always need an appointment! It must be arranged in advance by phone, mail or online booking. Spontaneous arrangements for the same day are often possible (by phone only). We always need your personal cell phone number to be sure that it´s not a fake booking, but we also need the cell phone number to reach you in case of unforeseen things.