Tantra Massage Sessions for Women

Classic-Session inclusive classic genital massage:

  • 2,0 h = 200 €
  • 2,5 h = 240 €

Intensive Session with extended 60 minute tantric Yoni Massage:

  • 3,0 h = 280 €
  • 3,5 h = 350 €
  • 4,0 h = 450 €

(Yoni = female genitals)

Session = total stay including showering and post-massage relaxation. The massage time is thirty minutes shorter. Upon request, pelvic floor / anal massage can be incorporated (Intensive Session only).

Please consider that we only accept cash payment.

The Yoni Massage will pay homage to the power, the beauty and divinity of you as a woman. The massage is the consummate form of the worship and caress of the juwel, venus lips and G-Point.

The Yoni is a very much receiving organ, in accordance with the female principle of receiving and dedication. Unfortunately this has the consequence all negative experiences (including those of prior generations of women) are picked up and stored it. Exactly here the Yoni Massage begins. It dissolves obstructions and injuries cautiously in order to clear space for desire and joy.

You always need an appointment for a massage session.

Appointments must be arranged in advance by phone, mail or online-booking, spontaneous arrangements for the same day are often possible (by phone only). We always need your personal cell phone number (no hotel phone or so) to be sure that it´s not a fake booking, but we also need the cell phone number to reach you in case of unforeseen things.