Lingam Massage – the worship of masculinity

The Lingam Massage is part of our
Tantra Massage for men (Intensive Session)
Duration: 30-40 minutes.

Lingam Massage

According to the Taoist philosophy the lingam possesses reflex points (similar to the feet or ears) which, when properly stimulated, have an effect on the whole organ. This allows the massage to take on healing as well as lustfull aspects. Over 25 different holds, which build on each other, as well as dispersing the energy to the whole body with strokes and massage lead to a wave-like experience of lust. Many men have unfortunately never experienced feelings of such intensity. The sexual energy is dispersed to the last pore all over the body and then built on. In this way the man can experience the orgasm with his whole body, opening whole new dimensions of lust. The effect can last for a long time.

Our lingam massage is not only the sacred high point of our Tantra Massage, it is embedded in every sequence of the massage ritual – from the beginning on. Through this massage the whole body is filled with energy, like through a charger. The orgasm is therefore of a much higher quality than one normally experiences. You can imagine it like waves, rising in bigger and smaller surges, spreading endlessly out. These waves take up more and more space until suddenly a smaller wave becomes a stormy ocean, almost robbing you of your head. It is like a catapault into being: the seperation from reality – the present – is eliminated, the thinker becomes still. Tantra has begun.

Tantra and the Sexual Energy

Why do some Tantric branches like eg. Vacmacara Tantra work very purposefully with sexuality? The Tantrics use the immense energy of our sexuality as a meditative instrument, to aid in dissolving the division between person and being. What exactly does this mean?

People received the first fleeting impression of consciousness (of meditation) during the sexual act. This moment a phenomenon was recognized: during orgasm all thoughts disappear, there is no more control, ecstasy. For a moment there is only consciousness, we are completely connected to creation, we are in bliss! When the sexual energy rises from the bottom chakra upward, it takes up – in the truest sense of the word – increasingly more space. It represses the intellect, which normally takes up 99 percent of this space and separates us from the state of being. During orgasm we are completely present, the thinker doesn’t have control of us anymore and we are now connected to real life. Can you comprehend that?

You have to imagine it like a cask which is filled to the rim with water. If it is to be filled with wine, the water must first be emptied out. This is symbolically applicable to the body, intellect, sexuality and consciousness: the cask is the body, the intellect (the thinker) is the water, and wine is consciousness. To be consciouss means that we are rooted in being. Then we blossom, we shiver, we experience the whole spectrum of our feelings, senses and emotions, which are dampened and guarded normally by our intellect. The tantric spirit emanates out.

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