To the question, what is meditation, i.e., the goal of meditation, you often receive the answer: “to come to rest”. The rest or stillness which can be attained in deep meditation is one result, but is not the goal.

So, what is it about?

Let’s begin thus: in our time and culture 99% of our life takes place in the head. It is “the thinker”, that constantly chatters – round the clock, even as we are sleeping. We can’t say: I won’t think this time! What should actually function as a tool, a help has completely overtaken the  control. This is our sickness! Thinking, the mind takes up almost the  entire  room,there is nothing left over for the consciousness. Thereby, we are cut off from real life – the thinker produces endless stories, films and pictures, which have nothing to do with reality. Hello Steven Spielberg!

The thinker exists primarily in the future or in the past. The moment of  simply being ist he death oft he thinker. He must therefore remain active and travel back and forth between these two virtual times, so he can exist. We must learn to control the thinker, demand some space back from the mind, so we have this space for consciousness.

To be conscious means, to be fully in the present, also fully present. The thinker comes to rest. Inner peace comes. The seperation from reality is removed. The senses are reactivated, feelings and emotions can fully develop.

The goal of meditation is therefore consciousness

Meditation is an instrument, a technique to reaching consciousness, so that we can be connected with being, with life. Then we are beyond suffering, worries, and pain and independent from “external realities”, which should bring us happiness. The focus is on the moment, the being – no future and no past. In tantra it is about nothing apart from consciousness!

There are many methods, which can help us to become more conscious. Once we have them figured out, they can become true companions. For the modern, stressed–out person there are active meditations like, Dynamic meditation or Kundalini Meditation from Osho. The Tantrics have also developed  ingenious practices for every day, which can be done anytime and anywhere like the effective ► Micro-Meditations. Or the use of sexuality as a catapult into being.

Meditation is based on a very simple revelation: instead of fighting the darkness (which is impossible, anyway) we simply turn the light on. Instead of fighting against ourselves to live up to the expectations of others, we can simply begin to accept ourselves as we are. We can experience no greater freedom that being who we really are – free from expectations, and living spontaneously and fully conscious, so without Ego.

This is exactly what it is all about in our Consciousness-Science: to be freed from Ego, the reduction of suffering and the attainment of a permanent happiness and satisfaction.