Micro-Meditations – The daily Tantra.

 The Tantric masters were meticulous observers of people and were constantly analysing how they ticked. They weren’t happy benefiting from the experiences or words of others because only personal experience mattered. This modus operandi meant they did not find theoretical solutions, but practical ones. The majority enjoyed a fulfilling life with family and friends (in contrast to the ascetic yogis) and were looking for practices, which they could fluidly integrate into their daily lives.

They discovered that the spirit is mobile and could not be forced into exercises which took too long – because they could easily escape into day dreaming, thoughts and other distractions. If we try to meditate for one hour, of which 50 minutes is taken up with thoughts and other distractions because we have forced the spirit into an unnatural stillness, then the exercise proves not very valuable. A method must be found which better suits this volatile spirit.

The Tantrists have invented a technique, so fast and so easy, it leaves the spirit no time to rebel. It is practiced very intensely for 10 to 20 seconds and then let go again. It can be done almost anywhere and anytime, e.g., when eating or drinking…for a few moments to simply be fully present in that what you are doing.

An Example: You go from one room into another. Normally this action is routine and automatic, quick and unconscious. Press the door handle down, open the door and you are in the next room. The next time you change the whole procedure: you approach the door, your focus is fully and completely on the door. Your steps get slower, in slow motion you raise your hand to the door handle. And now the following happens: your mind begins to rebel, become completely confused because this is all happening extremely slowly. It must concentrate on the procedure! There is no space to think about other things – it is forced into a calm state.

Try it out, right now! For a few moments you cannot think. First you feel the door handle, the surface, the temperature…you press it slowly down. The door is open and you walk very consciously into the next room. Now take in this room with all of your senses, as if you had never been in it before. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? How does the floor feel upon which you are walking?

This whole exercise only took a few seconds – a moment completely present. A few moments without being disturbed by thoughts. That is meditation!

These and similar micro-meditations can be done anywhere and anytime without other’s even noticing. When you practice these regularly, your life will change, because this method is so effective. Slowly you will feel an inner peace entering yourself, you will become more conscious. It is that easy! Important is the continuity, that you practice it regularly. There is nothing mysterious about it and can easily be integrated into daily life. When you try it yourself, and realize the benefits, then perhaps you will want to go further. The micro-meditation can be the start of a path, that will lead you into unknown territory.