Tantra, The Middle Path.

In Tantra we speak of two eternally existing realties: Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is consciousness and Shakti is energy. When both these powers unite then they are in harmony and Kundalini can awaken.­ In the same way people must learn to connect the material and physical life with the spiritual life, only then is evolution possible. Since people don’t attempt this synthesis, evolution cannot move forward. Instead two separate areas are being created- the material and the spiritual. If you are only connected to the material life you will become psychotic, neurotic and frustrated.

Buddha spoke of a middle „path“ : stay in the middle, don’t go left or right.  Here he means everything extreme.  To be purely materialistic is as extreme as being  purely spiritual. In this sense a person must combine the physical with the spiritual life, only then is evolution possible.  Because people do not however try this synthesis, the evolution of the conscious person cannot move forward. Instead two areas are created – the material and the spiritual. If you attach yourself to only the material side of life you will become psychotic, neurotic and frustrated. If you ignore ignore the physical side of life and are only interested in the spiritual, then a blockage will arise. Therefore, your spirituality should be in harmony with your nature and your outer life.

If you ignore the physical life and are only interested in the spiritual, a blockage will arise. Therefore your spiritual life should be in harmony with your nature and your external life.­Tantra embraces the whole life. It is the way to a spiritual life in modern society. If it is not followed people will become ever more disconnected from their nature and a society of extremes will develop. If Puritanism is desired so wil it’s counterpart – decadence. There must be a middle path which can improve the conditons of both society and the family.­

Tantra can be lived within the family. The sexual connection between Shiva and Shakti is necessary in order to grow spiritually. Sexuality is the strongest force in people and no one is in a position to renounce this original power. This drive is in the body, in the consciousness, and in the unconsciousness.

It expresses itself through behavior, or in dreams or in abnormal psychotic behavior. The drive is always there and cannot be extinguished-no matter how hard one fights against it. ­You must respect your own desires or else you will begin to lose yourself. Tantra does this, some tantric lines like for example the Vacmacara Tantra work intensely with sexuality.

Original Tantra used many different methods and techniques, whereby the different tantric branches all have their own focus. The most important:

The use of sex as a catapult into being. Human beings received the first fleeting impressions of awakening-of meditation- during the sex act. This was the revealing moment for a phenomena-during orgasm all thoughts disappear, for a moment pure consciousness is achieved. Suddenly we are completely in being-no intellect, no control, pure bliss. Meditation has it’s origins in the sex act.

You can sublimate the whole sexual cycle, so that everything you already do, can be used toward your spiritual development. Sexual energy is a relatively easy medium for achieving consciousness, because it is available to everyone, at all times.­

Mantras. The mantra is every bit as important as the sexual surrender. The sound has three different levels of which we can only hear the middle one. A sound vibrating over or under a certain area we cannot hear, but at a certain frequency we can perceive it. A mantra is a sound we cannot hear.­Through mantras the entire consciousness is touched, the sound waves penerate to the inside. They are a form of mental energy, they have the power to influence and reform the entire consciousness. ­

Yantras. These are wonderful figures and symbols representing the psychic structure of the body. They orginate from one point (bindu). It means, all of creation developed out of bindu. A yantra is a symbol of creation and when you pull back this point you can go back to the beginning of creation. The point is a mandala, and in Tantra ths is an important point of concentration-the third eye, the forehead chakra. Concentratng on ths point causes it to expand and show itself n many forms. This means a corresponding expansion of perception.

Asanas. The Tantra-Yoga.

Breath. Yoga also works with breath, however the techniques are fundamentally different. Yoga strives to systematize the breath, that makes one healthier. In Tantra, on the other hand, it is about using the breath as a means to arrive in the here and now – a completely different approach.