Tantra and Neo Tantra

In books and in the web many different definitions of and opinions about the meaning of the concept tantra can be found. You can read about a „web“, about „holy sex“, about a „life philosophy“, about the „connecting of sexuality and spirituality, about „becoming one with the universe“ etc. Sometimes one gets the impression that the concept simply has to ally with the writer´s whishes and hopes. Or to put it another way: in tantra everyone can find what they are looking for. Most of the interpretations have something to do with love or sexuality, once in a while Neo Tantra or Tantra Massage is mentioned.

One thing is certain: for the old tantrists there was no Tantra Massage and sex was as everyday as tooth brushing is for us. In the old texts you can´t find much about sex, for them sex was neither holy nor unholy, but natural – are could say that when everything is holy, sex is holy too. Many different brandes and schools developed, but it was primaly the followers of the Vamacara Tantra (left-handed path of the Hinduistic Tantra) as well as the tantric form of Tibetian Buddhismus who used sexual energy as a catapult toward a higher conciousness.

Neo Tantra occupied itself also with sexuality because in our culture sex is viewed as anything but natural. It cannot be denied that religions have led a battlefield of suffering and women are it´s most serious victims. Neo Tantra fits itself to our times, like an update, it is enmeshed in our modern psychology and helps us deal with problems that didn´t exist centuries ago.

The Tantra Massage

The Tantra Massage is not simply another kind of massage. It is rather an erotic touch-worship-massage ritual, every time a unique work of art. Our bioenergy (the sexuality) will be awakened in a respectful and attentive manner and will be extended through out the entire body.

The Tantra Massage has a very reasoned and meaningful construction. It contains different massage technologies as well as elements from Tantra, Tao, Bioenergetic, and Sexual Therapy. It takes all of these and turns them into a beautiful and unique ritual. This ritual includes the genitals massage – respectful, attentive and an intrinsic part of any tantra massage.

The massage is constructed so that the entire body can be perceptible as a sensual instrument. To title it only „a massage“ doesn´t correspond to this ritual of worship and love, because in the ideal case it is the absolute devotion of two human beings in the here and now, in the present moment.

The Tantra Massage is a Neo-Tantra creation. Andro (the founder of the first Tantra insitutute in Germany) is regarded broadly as the inventor in the early 1990´s, theoretical roots are going back to Wilhelm Reich, Carl Gustav Jung, Carl Rogers and Alexander Lowen. Also Mantak Chia and Joseph Kramer, taoists and sexologists, and last but not least Annie Sprinkle contributed their part to that ritual: the Lingam and Yoni Massages.