Sex, Energy and Love.

When we look closely, we realize that life proves to be a boundless, eternal procreative process. Everywhere in nature there is a constant courtship between those producing seeds and those gathering seeds. It would appear that nature has nothing else in mind besides creating new life and there is a universal striving towards the goal of creating ever new life. For this sexual energy is necessary.­

Sexual energy is a universal power inherent in every living being. It is the first energy and it doesn’t need anything for it’s continuance like food or water. It creates itself ever anew, it is simply there. As soon as it stops flowing, the time to die has arrived.­ Man, who is the highest developed being on this planet, seems to possess this energy in a special measure. There is no other creature who is always sexual, around the clock, at every season. Independent of pure procreation human beings possess another sense, there is another intention behind it, since nature produces nothing wasteful. It is the spiritual factor, which lends the sexuality a deepness, provides a new richness to life, toward a higher individual even.

Sex, however, has been poisened and repressed by religion and society. As soon as the sexual energy becomes repressed, it looks for another form in which to express itself. Energy cannot stay static, it is always dynamic. If the natural flow of the energy is blocked, then it begins to flow more or less unnaturally, looking for a replacement end. Mostly it finds negative ends like greed, power, violence… ninety percent of all violent crimes have sexual problems as their root, as criminal psychologists have discovered.

A person experiences the first fleeting moment of awakening – of meditation- during the act of love. At this moment a phenomena is perceived: during orgasm, during ecstasy all thoughts disappear, total conciousness occurs. All at once we are totally connected to creation, no intellect, no control… bliss. Unfortunately this state exists for only a moment, then the head continues it’s work. From this realization, the lack of thought- pure conciousness-leads to ecstasy, one begins to search for ways to extend this experience. Out of this desire grew systems like Yoga or No Mind, conciousness beyond intellect, that lead to the birth of meditation. Place of origin and basis for meditation however remains the sex act. ­

The realization was, there is no fundamental difference between meditative or orgiastic bliss. In deep meditation one is able to experience the same bliss, but for longer than during the fleeting orgasm. Because the orgasm is something completely natural and everyone is able to experience one, some Tantric lines have concentrated on extending and intensifying it. ­Physical sex (with people) can be intensified by the inclusion of the psyche and the spiritual side: the emotional side, love. Love is the experience of oneness, when there is no more I and you. Love is when on a higher plane two become one: a melody, a stream, an essence – the ego has dissolved.

Tantra and the Sexual Energy.

Why do some Tantric branches like eg. Vacmacara Tantra work very purposefully with sexuality?

The Tantrics use the powerful and creative energy of our sexuality as a meditative instrument, to aid in dissolving the division between person and being. What exactly does this mean?

When the sexual energy rises from the bottom chakra upward, it takes up – in the truest sense of the word – increasingly more space. It represses the intellect, which normally takes up 99 percent of this space and separates us from the state of being. During orgasm we are completely present, the thinker doesn’t have control of us anymore and we are now connected to real life. Can you comprehend that?

You have to imagine it like a cask which is filled to the rim with water. If it is to be filled with wine, the water must first be emptied out. This is symbolically applicable to the body, intellect, sexuality and consciousness: the cask is the body, the intellect (the thinker) is the water, and wine is consciousness. To be consciouss means that the thinker is gone and we are rooted in being.

Then we blossom, we shiver, we experience the whole spectrum of our feelings, senses and emotions, which are dampened and guarded normally by our intellect. The tantric spirit emanates out.