The Tantric Vision.

„The tantric vision is one of the greatest visions that people have ever dreamed: a religion without priests, without churches, without organization – a religion which doesn’t nullify the individual, but respects his individuality unconditionally.” Osho.

Tantra negates nothing and transforms everything. It offers a plan, a strategy to help you on the way on the journey inwards and also above and beyond yourself. Tantra works with the body, the senses, the breath and the consciousness.

The Body. Tantra teaches you to relearn respect and love for your body again. Your body is the base,  in which you are grounded. Of course tantra reaches above the physical body, but never leaves it, is rooted in it. How much attentiveness have  you shown your body in your life up to this point? Have you accepted it completely? Have you satisfied it’s desires and needs? Or have you been told that the spirit is the true measure of all things and you have believed this?

Tantra says: First, purify your body – from all the repression. Let the body energy flow, break through the blockages, or else you will not be able to journey inward, or transcend the body either.

The Breath. Most people breath very shallowly, the breath not reaching below the breast. Tantra, as well as yoga teach to breath deeply, to clear the lungs of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The carbon dioxide and nitrogen are not needed by the body. They are just a by-product in the air that must be constantly removed through exhaling. If one breathes shallowly the lungs are half filled with carbon dioxide. This leads people to lethargy, they don’t seem truly awake and it is hard to be fully conscious. We need oxygen, it feeds the inner fire and sexuality. The sexual energy must be freed up, it must flow through the whole body, so we can access our entire potential and not run around at half power. When we breath deeply, the breath flows directly into the sexual center. 

The Senses. Are the gates of perception, the windows to reality, to existence. For most people, however, the senses have become dulled through constant grumbling, planning, and thinking. What is not constantly used, will grow rusty. Tantra says: “Flow truly into every touch, taste the divine in every flavor. Touch, smell, taste, look, listen – as completely and fully as you can.

Every child is born with wonderfully intact senses. Watch a child for awhile in everything that they do. If it looks at something it is fully mesmerized, it becomes one big eye. And when it listens it becomes fully ear. And when it eats, it becomes fully tongue, it becomes fully all of it’s senses. Look at the excitement and energy when it bites into something it finds delicious! On the beach, when a child finds a simple shell, it is like finding a diamond! Later in life, however, the same child will see everything as though looking through a dusty glass. Lots of dust will block the perception of  most sensations out.

When is the last time you completely consciously and passionately bit into a juicy apple and were thereby able to taste the whole spectrum of flavor? Or were you talking and eating at the same time? How much attentiveness did you show the apple and your senses then?

Get your senses back whenever you think about it, it doesn’t matter which opportunity presents itself. Pay more attention to your eyes, ears, hands, nose and tongue – let them slowly wake up again. Do this with devotion, then you will feel a new level of consciousness arise within yourself.

Consciousness. In Tantra there are three types of consciousness.

1.) Let your mind do what it wants. Let it fill itself with thoughts and contemplate this from a distance. Simply be the observer, then you will realize that between the thoughts there are patches of stillness.

2.) As soon as you become aware of these patches between thoughts, you will also become conscious of being the observer. Observe the observer, and new patches will arise. Then the observer will slowly disappear, exactly like the thoughts. One day the thinker will also disappear. Then there is real stillness.

3.) In this third consciousness the object and subject have both disappeared.

Tantra says: „When the body is freed from repression, the senses freed from dullness, the mind is freed from forced thinking – then a vision can arise in you, one that is freed from all illusions.“ → That is The Tantric Vision.