We see ourselves as a team of independent therapists with common ideals. Primarily we give high quality holistic massages and we all massage with passion. We would like to be judged by the quality of our massages, not merely by physical appearance.

Massages by appointment only

We don´t make Hotel visits! Please don´t visit us without appointment because we are often booked up. Appointments must be arranged by online-booking, phone or mail in advance. Spontaneous appointments for the same day are possible, but it is preferable to book in advance.

Time for massages starts at 10 am each day, the last one about 9:00 pm.

Bookings only with phone number

We always need your cell phone number (no hotel phone). Based on many bad experiences in the past, we only accept bookings when we receive something personal from you to be sure that it´s not a fake booking and you are serious.

A phone number is something personal and private, something which we are very discreet and respectful with. We also need the cell phone number to reach you in the case of unforseen things.

Massages and fees