Tantra Seminars, Workshops + Courses.

We are teaching in German and English.

In our Tantra workshops you experience, primarily, Tantric Space, that is beyond all theory and that which makes a tantra seminar so incredibly valuable. At our events you’re as single as welcome as you as couple on a common path. We recommend to register early, because our events are booked up quickly.

Varied tantric group exercises, meditations and breath-work get you into good contact with your body. Because almost all exercises are done with partners, we pay attention to an even number of people and a balanced ratio of women and men. We have places for max. 26 participants.

The majority of Tantra Institutes take a therapeutic approach. We enjoy going our own direction: energy instead of therapy! This is often very freeing, free from heaviness and deeply-seated psychology.

And last: if you have not made yourself quite familiar with the subject Tantra, please check in advance our pages in Curriculum What is Tantra? so you have no misconceptions or expectations.


Tantra Workshops / Seminars in 2017

Seminar Tantra Massage
Seminar Tao Massage
Seminar Tantra-Massage
Seminar Tantra Massage

Tantra Workshops / Seminars in 2018

In 2018, we wanted to set a creative break but based on many requests we decided to make a few events.

Seminar Tantra Massage
Seminar Tantra Massage
Seminar Tantra Massage
Tantra-Massage ○Special○
Seminar Tantra Massage

[1] incl. catering during the seminar program (high quality vegetarian meal)


(* mandantory field)

Further Workshop Info:

Hotels and private flats near by.

Apartments are recommended because they are less expensive than hotels and are advantageous when more people are travelling together. All that is really necessary is a reasonable place to sleep because the seminar takes up most of the day.

In the Moabit district you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast for a reasonable price (6 - 8 Euros). For those who wish self-catering there are supermarkets, restaurants, and a health food store where they also serve breakfast.

HotelsPrivate flats / apartments