Tantra Workshop, Courses and Seminars in 2021

Tantra seminars and courses in Berlin Germany

In Germany there are most providers of Tantra workshops. Among them are renowned institutes which have a lot of experience and professionalism, but there are also some whose quality and intention is not very clear. Look at the offers and let your belly decide.

A Tantra workshop in our institute will become (and stay) a deep experience for you. The basis for the great popularity of our institute is our experience, our professionalism and love of what we do. With great passion, we have created a beautiful place that creates space for loving encounters among like-minded people. The quality of our seminars has an excellent international reputation and our certificates are recognized in every massage institute. We are teaching in German and English.

Most people have a huge deficit of loving touches, so there is a great demand for seminars that involve (as well) massage exchange or massage training. We take this demand into account and have specialized in this kind of seminars a bit, whereby we have also created a great program with many tantric exercises in the pure massage seminars and trainings.

Over the years, we have developed a nice annual seminar program that appeals to those who are looking for profound experiences. We always make sure that women and men balance each other so that there is no energy imbalance. And because we also want to be there with pleasure and pleasure, we do not organize more than five or six events a year. The number of participants is limited to 26 persons.

The fees include meals during the seminar program (vegetarian cuisine). Due to negative experiences, we do not offer overnight stays in the lounge anymore. It is recommended a few cheap hotels within walking distance.

We have a follower list. If a seminar is already booked, you can still sign up, because usually comes once again movement in the matter due to occupational or disease-related cancellations. If you are not quite familiar with Tantra, then please take a look at our pages in the Curriculum in advance, so that you do not have false expectations.

Events in 2019

Tantra Massage Workshop (February, March, June, November 2019)
Tantra Massage Level II (for German speakers only!)
The Magic Of Touch (25th – 28th April 2019)
The Tantric Space (26th – 29th September 2019)
Tao Massage (for German speakers only!)


Events in 2020

Tantra Massage Workshop (January, May, November 2020)
Tantra Massage Level II (for German speakers only!)
The Magic Of Touch (9th – 12th of April 2020)
The Tantric Space (1st – 4tth of October 2020)

Timetable (for all events)

Thursday 12:00 – 19:00
Friday 10:00 – 19:00
Saturday 10:00 – 19:00
Sunday 10:00 – 19:00 afterwards dance party (if you like).

These times are standard values and can vary, so do not plan any fixed dates afterwards. Due to the structure of the seminar and the group energy, it is not possible to come out of the starting time or leave the group due to „important commitments“ before the end of the daily program. Since almost all exercises are done with a partner, it is a matter of fairness and respect for all other participants. Together with the confirmation of participation, you will receive a mailing list and all important information by e-mail.

Participants info and tips

Our guests

Our seminars and workshops visit both singles and couples on a common path – across all age groups and social classes. They come from all over the world, sometimes even half from abroad.

Tantra seminars are attended by people with very diverse motives. Some want to follow their longing for mindful touch, some would like to learn a massage, maybe go on a spiritual path or just spend a nice time among like-minded people. Very often, people who are „in transition“ come, so to speak, on the path of a reorientation, so the average age of participants is pretty much in the middle of the day.

But all seems to have something in common: the search or longing for something that can not be described so easily – for warmth, humanity, connectedness. And that there is something else besides having to work in daily life. What they have found here goes well beyond the time of the seminars, as we know from many feedbacks from our guests.


What we are: authentic. What we are not: „spiritually overdressed“. We stand firmly rooted in the ground with both our legs, we have rough edges, supposed strengths and weaknesses – that is, everything that belongs to a humanity in our society.

A few tips for newcomers

A Tantra seminar is nothing like what you already know. Therefore, you should take into account a few things in your own interest, so you do not arrive with misconceptions. Focus exclusively on the event and do not try, e.g. to take the Berlin cultural offer with you according to the motto „well if I’m already there …“. These days you can imagine like a retreat. Clarify in advance all the things that are left unfinished so you do not have to worry about anything during the event. Leave everything that distracts you at home and give you space – otherwise you are depriving yourself of the basis for a deep experience. There is nothing more important in this time than you.

Note for couples

If you want to participate as a couple, then you can decide if you want to do the exercises with your partner or open up for the group. We sometimes see couples separating (unconsciously) and perhaps depriving themselves of a nice experience. Our advice: just do not commit yourself from the beginning and create space for you! There are exercises that you do together – and for others, it makes sense to do it with a stranger (Sharings, for example). Every day and every hour is a different situation, a different feeling – just do what is right for you at that time.

Important and informative

Before it starts …

Before we embark on an intense journey together, we would like to address some important issues in order to create the basis of a beautiful event. A Tantra seminar involves many exercises that will bring you into intense contact with your feelings and your body. You can not compare a tantric event to any other type of event, so some important things need to be considered.

Body, sexuality and psyche

We offer seminars where we have a holistic approach. Nakedness and touching the gentital zones is completely natural. A relatively relaxed attitude to sexuality and your body is therefore essential. If you are in a therapy, then please clarify the participation in advance with your therapist.

Choice of a partner for exercises

We strive to provide a balanced number of male and female participants. The choice of an exercise partner alone decides the sympathy, everything is voluntary and no one is forced to do something. The sometimes existing skepticism to find no „suitable“ partner, but has mostly dissolved after a short time in the air.

And finally…

Newcomers to a Tantra workshop often have the idea of a wellness weekend where everyone simply loves each other. But it is not always just „peace-joy-pancake“. It may be that you experience the whole range of emotions that you are also confronted with sadness, anger or jealousy, but of course also with desire, joy, connectedness and happiness! It’s mostly about experiences you make with yourself, about your personal growth. For some, healing can be done for the body and the soul, for others, the door has opened a crack for a new consciousness.

Namasté! We wish You all dear and sunshine in Your life!

Dajana, Amano and Lydia.

Dajana, Amano and Lydia


Hotels, Flats & Co…

there are a few hotels within walking distance such as the hotel ADREMA (good category, our recommendation) or PARK HOTEL MOABIT. But you also can book via online portals, for example:

→ Booking.com
→ Tripadvisor

On these portals you usually get better prices than if you book directly on the homepage of a hotel. But it is also recommended private apartments or flats, for example:

→ 9Flats
→ Excellent Apartments

Apartments are often cheaper than hotels. Within walking distance there are in the district Moabit plenty of restaurants and breakfast deals for little money. In principle, you only need a place to stay overnight, because we have the workshop during the day in the lounge.