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Our guests

Our workshops are visited by singles as well as couples on a common path – cutting across all age groups and social classes. They come from around the world, sometimes as many as half are from outside of Germany. Events that are exclusionary (e.g. only for couples) we do not offer.

Tantra seminars are visited by people for a multitude of reasons. Some would like to satisfy their longing for meaningful touch, some want to learn a massage, develop themselves as people or simply spend a pleasant time with the like-minded.

Very often we are visited by people at a time of change in their lives, on the path to a new orientation so to speak, therefore the average age lies somewhere around the middle of life.

They all appear to have something in common: the looking for or longing for something it is not at all easy to describe – for warmth, humanity, connection. What they find here lasts much longer than only the duration of the seminar, as we know from much guest feedback over the years.


What we are not: spiritually overdressed. We stand with both feet firmly on the ground, we have edges and corners, strengths and weaknesses – in short, everything that belongs to a human existence.

What we are: authentic.

We wish you a wonderful time.
Dajana, Lydia and Amano.

A few tips for new visitors

A tantra seminar is incomparable with what you already know. Therefore you should consider a few things, so that you don’t arrive with the wrong expectations.

Concentrate exclusively on the event and don’t try to take in the cultural events of Berlin, for example. You can imagine these days as a retreat. Clear up all things unresolved before you come so that you can be free of worries during the seminar. Leave your laptop and everything which could be a distraction at home and allow yourself some free space. There is nothing more important during this time than you!

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