Tantra Massage Seminar Level II

Course with certificate!

Over thousands of years of research the Chinese (the Taoists) have discovered which areas and points on the body cause the sexual energy to flow. A person, in which the sexual energy can flow freely, attracts others like a magnet. They are relaxed, healthy, and exude vitality.

When certain points, including ones specific to the genital area, are touched and activated, the entire body comes newly alive. Over the entire body there stretches a net of reflex points which connect all the areas of the body.

Important centers are to be found, amongst others places, in the yoni, the lingam, the hands, the feet, and the ears. These points correspond to organs like the heart, lungs, spleen, and stomach, and have thereby a direct influence on health and well-being.

We will investigate and learn how we can activate them. In addition, we have interweaved complementary sequences from Thai and Intuitive Massage, in order to reach an even higher level of quality in the Tantra Massage.

Beyond that we have incorporated the structure of the Tantra Massage – for the first time in an open seminar we will be offering what we have previously reserved only for supervisions of our own massage team.

This workshop is a response to the high level of demand for a seminar which builds on the original Tantra Massage seminar. Therefore it is not suitable for newcomers.