Tao Massage Seminar

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For German speakers only!

We have been offering this specific workshop for the last time about 7 years ago. From 2016 we will have it on our agenda again, because this kind of massage is amazingly beautiful.

The Tao Massage is one of the most profound and effective massages at all. In fact, one would have to call it more a ritual than a pure massage. Actually, the Tao Massage is a kind of meditation, whereas our body is handled like a sensual meditative instrument in order to achieve a totally harmonic state of body and mind. The body gets calm, the mind goes still, and there is a spreading of deep satisfaction. Lasting!

The basis of the Tao Massage is the principle of Yin and Yang, coming from Chinese Taoism. Simplified, Yin and Yang correlate to embodied male and female energy. Taoists call them → TAO, when both energies are balanced and harmonized. In Tantra, Yin and Yang are symbolized by Shiva and Shakti.

In Tao Massage it is not about simple touch. Our fundamental types of energy shall be leveraged, and this happens in a most subtle way. Plenty of gentle smooth strikes along the meridians, bit by bit lead the receiver into a meditative state, where he or she stays conscious.

Similar to Tantric Massage, also Tao Massage is a holistic massage. That means, the meridians of the genitals are included quite naturally but erogenous zones are not being specially focussed on.

Once you have enjoyed this massage, you can understand its outstanding effects. Besides the concrete inner calmness, it has healing effects, too. The muscles, skin and connective tissue are being relaxed, the autonomic nervous system starched. Due to the blood supply is enhanced, in a long term treatment the blood pressure can be reduced and the wound repair can be improved.

Seminar fees: 490 € inclusive catering (vegetarian food)

Friday check in 12 am -1 pm, program 1 pm – 7 pm
Saturday 10 am – 7 pm
Sunday 10 am – 7 pm