Tantra Workshop Time Table

Before it starts

Before we embark on an intense journey together during the following seminar, we would like to mention some important points to ensure an enjoyable event for all participants.

A Tantra Seminar will be enhanced through various tantric exercises that will bring you into intense contact with your feelings and especially your body. Therefore a tantra seminar is quite different from other types of seminars and some important points must be considered.

Body, sexuality and psyche

Because we do not offer any therapy as such, we ask you to seriously consider your physical, mental and emotional preparedness for the themes of the seminar in advance of registration. We offer seminars, where we address the complete individual, also erogenous zones and genitals. A confidence and comfort with nudity and sexuality is therefore a precondition of participation.

Choice of a partner for exercises

We make a real effort to find a balanced number of male and female participants – but we do not provide a matchmaking service. The choice of a partner inside the group is voluntary and mutual, and nobody is forced into anything. The uncertainty that surrounds finding a suitable partner tends to disappear very quickly.

And finally…

Many newcomers expect a tantric event to resemble a wellness weekend, where everyone simply loves each other. A tantric seminar is not all love, peace and happiness. It may be the case that you experience the entire spectrum of emotions – that you are also confronted with feelings like sadness, anger or jealousy. As well as, of course, feelings of desire, joy, connectedness and happiness!

In essence it is about the experience you have with yourself, your personal growth. It can be a time of healing for body and soul. For others it has opened the door toward a new consciousness…


Thursday check in 12 am, program 1 – 7 pm
Friday 10 am – 7 pm
Saturday 10 am – 7 pm
Sunday 10 am – 7 pm

Due to the structure of the daily programs as well as the group energy it is not possible to join the group after the start time. Out of respect for the other seminar partcipants it is asked that you refrain from leaving early, before the end of the official program. It must be remembered that almost all exercises involve a partner.The above mentioned times are to give you an idea, but they may be extended. In any case appointments should not be made immediately following the program times.

Further Info: